How the process works

  1. We dialogue with you and help you pick out the perfect property to suite your needs.

  2. Once you’ve made a decision, you can either pay in full with cash or we can help you finance it with monthly payments.

  3. If you are paying in full with cash, once we receive payment we will send you the new Warranty Deed to the property, we will record it with the county (transferring ownership to you) and the property is yours!

4. If you are paying with monthly payments, we will help set up a payment plan that works for you as well as send you 3 documents (a Promissory note, Land Sale Agreement & Land Sale Contract) stating that you will receive the Warranty Deed once all payments are completed.

5. If you are paying with monthly payments, we will take your down payment via credit card and then set up automatic worry-free monthly payments that will be directly drawn from your bank accounts via our secure ACH withdrawal.